Sunday, September 25, 2011

Using Cricut Imagine and Printable Vinyl on Acrylic Tumblers

Yesterday I picked up some clear acrylic tumblers at Big Lots.  These were the double-walled ones with straws. I wanted to try my hand embellishing them with the printable Cricut Imagine Vinyl.  I used my Enjoy the Season Cricut Imagine cartridge to create the designs and my Printing 101 cartridge to create the lettering for my name.  I printed and cut the apple at 4 inches.  The color letters for my name were designed from an Enjoy the Seasons theme.  They were cut at approximately 2 inches each.  After printing the designs and adhering them to the tumblers, I used some Plaid aerosol sealer to make sure my ink would stay colorfast.  The sealer can be found in the craft paint department.  I chose this sealer because the label said it was good for sealing the ink on maps and other documents. The sealer gave the tumbler a "frosted" appearance, but the design looks great!!  After I let the sealer dry, I then brushed on some gloss sealer from Delta.  I let this dry and then took a baby wipe and wiped over all parts of the design.  No fading or running.  As an extra test I handwashed the tumbler with soap and water and it turns out the sealing process worked just fine!! I am now in the process of designing a couple more tumblers to give as gifts.  It looks like I will be heading back to Big Lots!!  Thanks for stopping by!!


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