A Little Spinning Too!!!

My Spinning Wheel
For many years I took my high-school students on an annual field trip to the Tennessee Valley Fair. (I know....what was I thinking!!) While at the fair, a few years back, I became intrigued with a woman spinning wool on a spinning wheel. I quickly came to the decision that I must try it and I went to work looking for a wheel. I found one handcrafted by the Ashford company. I quickly proceeded to practice and rather quickly taught myself how to spin. It is one of my most relaxing hobbies. The sound of the wheel will almost put you to sleep.
I purchase most of my wool already carded and predyed, but I have had students who raise sheep to bring me some of their wool as well. Shortly after buying the wheel I invested in the Ashford weaving loom. I have woven a few rugs and scarves. This summer I would like to try to create some natural dyes using berries and grasses grown in this area.
Here are a few of my spinning and weaving creations:
I love this shade of green wool that I spun into yarn.  It made for a beautiful scarf!

The images (above and below) are of a scarf that is made entirely of my own yarn.  This was my first attempt at weaving my own yarn into a scarf.


  1. That scarf is beautiful. I know that you can use walnut to get like a light brown color.

  2. Very pretty. Spinning has always been in the back of my mind. So happy for you that you are doing this craft!