Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shrinky Dinks Meet Cricut Imagine

Yesterday I picked up some Shrinky Dinks from my local Michael's store.  They are the Shrinky Dinks especially designed for inkjet printers.  I also picked up some Grafix clear Shrink Film from Joann's.  I wanted to try both with my Cricut Imagine.  There was quite a price difference and some noticeable differences in results.  The Shrinky Dinks cost 12.99 for six sheets but then I used a 40% off coupon.  The Grafix brand was 4.99 for the same quantity.  I must say that I was a little more pleased with the outcome of the Shrinky Dinks.  I used images from Enjoy the Seasons and Lori's Garden Imagine cartridges.  I put my standard blade on 6 and did a multicut of 2.  The Imagine was able to cut the material without difficulty.  I did notice some differences in the printing.  The Grafix took longer to dry and thus the color smeared some as the machine was cutting.  I had to do some touch up with my Copic markers.  The rubber wheels that hold the mat in place smeared the ink on the Shrinky Dinks with only one image.  Both baked and shrunk as specified by the manufacturers for around 3-5 minutes between 250 and 300 degrees in the oven. I lined a baking sheet with wax paper for the baking process.  The clear Shrink Film gave the images a stained glass appearance.  The Shrinky Dinks made the images look just as if you had printed them on paper.  I plan to give the Shrink Film another try, this time I will use one of the manufacturer's tips of lightly cross sanding the surface before printing.  I took out my glue gun and added some pin backs to these images.  I think they make delightful little pins appropriate for wear with my favorite denim shirts!! Thanks for looking!

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