Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Acrylic Tumbler +Adhesive Vinyl+ Cricut=Layered Sponge Bob!!

I found these acrylic tumblers on sale at the Dollar General yesterday and bought up as many as I could.  I so love using the Cricut to cut adhesive vinyl and these tumblers make great personalized gifts.  I had recently purchased the Sponge Bob Cricut cartridge, but hadn't really got a chance to use it.  I thought Sponge Bob might look nice on this pretty blue acrylic tumbler.  I first cut out his base image using black vinyl and then cut out the corresponding layers in their respective colors.  This little guy wasn't very hard to piece and layer together and actually turned out much better than I had imagined.  I used my Cricut E2 and cut Sponge Bob out at 3.00 inches.  I used the relative size feature for the rest of his layers.  The Dollar General also had tumblers in a pretty hot pink, bright orange, and a beautiful green.  Looks like I am off to cut more vinyl!!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That's great! They will love them.
    I have that cart too and myself am in the middle of a vinyl obsession. Guess what I'll be trying this weekend??!! LOL Thanks for the idea.

  2. I love these. Does the vinyl stay on, even if you wash it.

  3. How do you stick the vinyl on the tumbler?

  4. The vinyl is outdoor grade and comes with the adhesive on the back. I used a small craft pick to apply the small pieces and I used clear contact paper to apply the larger ones. The layered vinyl has not come off with many hand washings. I have put many cups in the dishwasher, but they have been cups with only one layer of vinyl. I usually let my cups sit and cure for several days before I wash them. Thanks! Patty

  5. What is the price of this acrylic tumblers,and from where i can buy it.

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    1. I found the colored tumblers at Dollar General for 2.50 each . I have bought the clear ones at Big Lots for two for $7. Thanks! Patty