Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cricut Imagine + Kate's Kitchen Cartridge+ Printable Vinyl=New Kitchen Canisters!!

I found a steal on these antique-looking kitchen canisters at my local craft store just before Christmas.  I had an ideal in mind when I picked them up.  I decided I would use my Cricut Imagine and the Kate's Kitchen cartridge to dress these tin canisters up just a little!  I used the Cricut printable vinyl and sized the images between 3-5 inches depending on their respective canister size.  It was an easy print, cut, and adhere to each canister.  Afterwards, I used some country ribbon from the Ribbon Boutique to create a border and bow for each canister.  This project took maybe ten minutes total to finish and completely transformed the look of these ordinary canisters!! Thanks for looking!


  1. This is such a fabulous project! I have heard the Imagine ink is not water-proofed so I'm wondering if you used anything on top of the image to make sure it wouldn't run? I want to do something similar for my daughter and would really like to know how to protect the image

    1. I haven't washed these canisters yet, but I have used the Imagine images printed on iron-on paper. I did a fall themed sweatshirt using an image from the Imagine Enjoy the Seasons cartridge, and I have put it through the washing machine several times with no color change. Hope this helps!!