Friday, January 18, 2013

A New Cutting Machine=More Projects=More Fun!!

Over the Christmas holiday, I bought myself a present!  In this area there are several stores that serve as "return" resellers.  They purchase and resell odd products that may have been demos, returns, or overstocks.  I found a new store in Knoxville, by accident, and decided to browse around.  Down one of the aisles, there on the shelf, sat a Silhouette Cameo.  I had read some reviews of this machine, and just like my Cricut machines, I knew that their were some lovers and some haters.  I splurged and bought this machine, paying nearly 100.00 less than what they sell for on eBay and online stores.  The store had a thirty day money back guarantee, but I still took it to the electronics counter, where they let me unbox it, turn it on, and try it out.  Everything seemed to be in good working condition.  So I boxed it back up and brought it home.  There were a few scuffs to the front cover, but other than that everything works great.  All of the accessories were in the box, including an unused $10 design download card.  I immediately opened it up, activated it, registered with the website, and took advantage of a sale they were having on the software upgrade.  I have to say, I really like the option of purchasing individual designs and being able to use fonts found on your computer (plus most of the designs are only 99 cents!). My only wish was that this machine was wireless like the Expression 2.  But its not a huge hassle to carry my laptop over and plug up the USB cable.  This machine has a learning curve, just like the Cricut machines, you don't get a full-fledged step-by-step instructional guide.  Watching the DVD and surfing the internet really helps. 

The first project I created with this machine was this simple strawberry gift box.  I later figured out how to break apart the design so that you don't have to cut out every image at the same time!! I used paper from Martha Stewart to create this box.  I curled the paper with a pencil to create the curl on the leaves.  On the top, I added a cute little green and white bow, also from Martha Stewart Crafts.  The paper is from her School Days Multimedia pad.  This box has little holes, that are part of the design, that allow you to place a metal brad upside down and easily bring the box together.  When I saw this project, I thought "Ohhh! This would be great to fill with those strawberry-wrapped hard candies!".   

So far, I like the Silhouette Cameo.  However, I don't plan on getting rid of any of my Cricut machines or cartridges.  I just think the Silhouette will be a great addition, and give more options, to my craft room!  I've ordered the fabric cutting blade. It should be here today. I will try it out and post my results.  I've also watched several online videos of this machine being used to cut vinyl, straight from the roll, with no mat.  I plan to give this a shot today as well!! More reviews and more projects to come...Thanks for visiting!   Patty

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  1. Adorable gift box & a great idea to fill it with strawberry candies! Congrats on the steal of a deal, can't wait to see what else you create:)