Sunday, February 3, 2013

Papercrafting, Jewelry Making, and Embroidery in One Craft Project

I just love browsing Pinterest for new ideas.  This week I came across one using pendant frames and fabric embroidery work.  The poster had basically cut some embroidery work out of some old fabric, slid it between the two pieces of glass, inserted into the pendant frame and voila a beautiful jewelry project!  My wheels began to turn, so Friday afternoon I paid a visit to my local Hobby Lobby.  Does browsing Hobby Lobby instantly relieve stress for anyone else?  After a rough work week, the craft aisles just melt my stress away.  I picked up several packages of these glass frames.  There's two to a pack and the pendant has two precut glass pieces to encase your project.  I bought some square and circular shaped ones!  I fired up my Bernina embroidery machine and quickly stitched out a little bouquet of redwork flowers.  I tried to encase them between the circular glass, but couldn't get the frame to screw closed.  After several attempts, I gave up.  I then used Modge Podge to glue the embroidery to a piece of the circular glass.  On top of the embroidery I then applied Glossy Accents.  I must say, I wasn't too impressed with the opacity of the finished project.  I then decided to try the project with just paper.  I cut out a glitzy pansy, a deer, a pinecone, and a butterfly from my scrapbook paper stash.  These simple cutouts made beautiful pendants!!  I haven't give up on the embroidery yet though!  My husband suggested iron the embroidery work extra flat so that it may fit better between the two pieces of glass.  I'm going to give that a shot and let you know how it turns out!! I'll string these pendants on some beautiful ribbon or cord to finish them up. 

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